DESIGN — 2019

Brand Identity

Machus is a family-owned contemporary menswear and streetwear retailer based in Portland, Oregon. The store stocks a wide selection of both established and up-and-coming designers, as well as an in-house label of apparel and accessories. 
            For this project, I worked directly with the Machus team to create a rebranding of their identity developed over seven years ago to embody their story into their brand.

Role: Freelance Art Director / Designer

On 11/11/11, Justin Machus opened the doors to his namesake brand with a mission to celebrate the designers and artists that they believe are the most compelling in the market. As the fifth-generation clothier in his family, he and the brand have deep ties to the fashion industry—curating and creating a selection of garments that resonate with their story and speaks to the culture of the streetwear industry.
           For the brand identity, it only made sense to create something that reflects the importance of those same values and really put their story at the forefront. The new mark embodies the established date 11/11/11 in the mark and embodies a roman numeral “V” in the “M” of the logotype.