BIG 12®

Countdown—Big 12®
“We’ve always been greater than 12.”

The landscape of college athletics is ever-changing, with the Big 12 as no exception. We take the moment to celebrate the contemporary world of collegiate sports — celebrating the diverse and individualistic nature of student athletes and what success looks like, both on and off the field.
           In this film, we thematically count down from “12” — acknowledging the rich history of the Big 12 along the way — and moving towards the future as a collective “one.”


Agency: Translation

Steve Horn, GCD
Mina Mikhael, GCD
Dierdre Hering, Sr. CW
Jennifer Wang, Sr. AD
Kevin Lu, AD
Karan Raikar, CW

child., Director
Matt Carter, Editor
Company3, Color
Heard City, Mix