D.O.N. Issue #5—adidas® Basketball
With the fifth iteration of Donovan Mitchell’s signature shoe, we wanted to create a campaign that tells a deeper story — one dedicated to his mother and sister, who both celebrate the illustrious partnership between Don and adidas alongside him.


Agency: Johannes Leonardo

Jeph Burton, GCD
Hunter Hampton, GCD
Alfonso Ruiz, CD
Zack Browne, CD
Kevin Lu, Sr. AD
Karan Raikar, Sr. CW
Shaung Wan, Design Director
Hannah Lo Bello, Sr. Designer

Jameela Elfaki, Director / Photographer
Erynn Patrick Lamont, DP
Logan K. Triplett, Editor / VFX
Cameron Marygold, Color
Colton Jackson, Mix
Gloss Studio, Photo Retouch

“THE DRIVE” 1:12
— Featuring Donovan Mitchell, Nicole Mitchell, & Jordan Mitchell

“The Drive” explores Donovan Mitchell’s Why – who he does it for, and what keeps him going. And it’s never once been about him or the accolades – it’s been about his community. The people that helped him succeed, the fans that chant his name in the arena, the kids that model their game after his on backyard courts.

Partnering with our director/photographer Jameela Elfaki, we captured an intimate look into Don and what keeps him going.